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WINE OF THE WEEK: La Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo 2018, Spain

£8.49, Majestic

Maybe it's auto suggestion, but there's a lovely off-the-beaten-track mountain wildness (salvaje means wild) to this old-vine Garnacha (aka Grenache), one of six under the the creative Vintae's Proyecto Garnachas banner that showcase the grape variety from old vineyards in different areas of the Ebro Valley in northeast Spain.

The Salvaje vineyards lie on rocky soils at 820m asl on the north face of the Moncayo massif, where Navarra and Aragón meet and the Atlantic influence brings mouthwatering freshness and clarity to the generous raspberry, wild herb and pepper flavours.

It doesn't need food, but it's very accommodating: spot on with roast peppers, aubergine, tomatoes and onions and with spicy sausages such as chorizo. It would be equally good with roast root vegetables, slow-roast lamb or pork, baked spiced duck legs or a ham joint and would make a good barbecue all-rounder. 13.5%

La Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo 2018, Spain

£8.49 in a 6-bottle mix, £11.49 single bottle, Majestic


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