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WINE OF THE WEEK: Kutjevo Rosé 2020, Slavonia, Croatia

£14.49/£12.49 in a 12-bottle mix, Laithwaites

If you like your rosés very pale, look no further. If you don't like your rosés very pale, please do not look away. You'll regret it. This one is different.

For a start, it's from Croatia, from Vetovo in the east, and from vineyards close to the mountains and to the coast – a double bill of beneficial cooling breezes. Then there’s the unusual blend: Pinot Noir and the Austrian red grape Zweigelt in a ratio of 60:40.

If this wine is anything to go by, the two varieties seem made for each other when it comes to rosé. Aromas of wild rose and stone fruit lead into a delicately textured palate of red apple, yellow plum, redcurrant and green tea with a crisp, spicy citrus finish. And though it's a wine with a spring in its step, it isn’t keen to disappear quickly.

A quick word on the producer. Founded in 1232 by Cistercian monks (a monastic connection is always a promising sign for vineyards), Kutjevo winery is only 10 years off its 800th anniversary. I imagine they're already thinking about the celebrations, but for now it's an award-winning modern winery with extensive vineyards.

I had the 2020 rosé as an aperitif and also paired it with charcuterie, including an Aveyron saucisson, a Mediterranean vegetable and blue cheese tart, wilted spinach and roast endives, a goat’s cheese and walnut salad and baked sea bream. It would go with other fish and seafood, too, so you can see that it’s usefully versatile. 12%. Empty bottle weight: 696g.

Kutjevo Rosé 2020, Slavonia, Croatia

£14.49/£12.49 in a 12-bottle mix, Laithwaites


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