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WINE OF THE WEEK: Brokenwood Thompson's Road Hunter Valley Semillon 2018, Australia

£8.99/£9.99, Waitrose

Hunter Valley Semillon isn't like Sémillon from anywhere else (and I'm not talking about the absence of the accent). The classic Hunter style is dry and light-bodied but intensely flavoured with an electric current of citrus zest and a smooth, lanolin-like texture. With age it develops toasted, honeyed complexity, as if aged in oak – and all delivered at naturally low alcohol levels: in this case 11%.

Thompson's Road 2018 is still young, so doesn't have the aged characters yet, but has delicious, zingy lemon and lime-zest flavours and lemon-curd texture. It goes without saying that it's spot on as an aperitif, but it's also very good with shellfish and spring vegetables such as peas, asparagus and broad beans and can be paired with light cheese dishes. Very good value and a bargain at the offer price.

Brokenwood Thompson's Road Hunter Valley Semillon 2018, New South Wales, Australia

£8.99, until 5 May, then back to £9.99, Waitrose, and


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