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WINE OF THE WEEK: Aldi Assyrtiko 2019, Peloponnese, Greece

£9.99, Aldi online

To say that Assyrtiko is a stay-at-home grape variety is massively to understate it. If you want to drink wine made from Greece’s flagship white variety, you’re almost without exception limited to Greek wine (not that that’s a hardship). The Barry family has produced one in Australia since 2016 (more about it here) , there’s a smattering grown in California and Cyprus and some recently planted in South Africa, but otherwise it’s the Greek islands and mainland.

The most distinctive Assyrtiko wines – powerfully mineral, salty and citrusy with mouthwatering acidity – come from the island of Santorini, where the variety probably originated. I love the style, but we're definitely in Marmite territory, so, if you’re not sure, try one from mainland Greece, where the wines are a bit fruitier and softer.

Aldi's estate-grown Assyrtiko is from the Peloponnese and does its job well, with crisp grapefruit flavours moving into fleshier ripe pear and peach, then a swish of lightly salty, mineral freshness to finish. It's an ideal aperitif and equally suited to fish and seafood, sushi, crudités, summer salads or light pasta. 13%

Aldi Estate Grown Assyrtiko 2019, Peloponnese, Greece

£9.99, Aldi (online only)

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