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WINE OF THE WEEK: 14/27 Agiorgitiko 2019, Nemea, Greece

£15.99/£13.99, Laithwaites

Sound the first 'g' as a 'y' and the second as a hard 'g' and you're well on your way to a passable pronunciation of Agiorgitiko, Greece's most widely planted red wine grape and the only variety allowed for the reds of the Nemea appellation.

For some reason, I've only previously recommended Agiorgitiko in Greek rosés, which doesn't make sense for a variety capable of producing high quality red wines and in styles ranging from light and approachable to dark, tannic and ageworthy.

Symposium Cellars' wine is midway on the spectrum: ruby red, medium-bodied, rounded and approachable, with juicy, bright fruit – think tangy plums, cherries and raspberries – framed by gentle white-pepper spiciness and easy tannins.

High-altitude vineyards (800m) and mineral rich, red clay soils give the wine its signature freshness and the roundness comes from six months' maturation in 300-litre French oak barrels (one third new).

The winemaker is Pavlos Argyropoulos, who worked at Tsantali for decades before setting up Symposium Cellars, and the name 14/27 refers to the numbers required by social convention – either 14 or 27 – for a symposium, a celebratory gathering and sharing of ideas in ancient Greece.

I enjoyed 14/27 Agiorgitiko with roast spiced duck legs and Mediterranean veg and it would go well with lots of lamb dishes, from kebabs and barbecued chops to moussaka and tagines. Or you could serve it with a Moroccan-spiced chickpea stew, meze or aubergine parmigiana. 12%. Empty bottle weight: 536g.

14/27 Agiorgitiko 2019, Nemea, Greece

£13.99 in a mixed dozen, £15.99 single bottle, Laithwaites


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