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WINE OF THE WEEK: Vigneti Tardis Martedi 2018, Paestum Rosso, Campania, Italy

£19.50, Berry Bros & Rudd

I love southern Italian Aglianico and this is as authentic as they come, although it's not wholly Aglianico: it's a blend with Aglianicone. The producers, Bruno Conciliis of Viticoltori Conciliis and Jack Lewens, sommelier and owner of Leroy wine bar/bistro in London's Shoreditch, say Aglianicone is a forgotten clone of Aglianico, one with larger, thicker-skinned berries. Wine Grapes, the bible on the subject, is not a fan, saying that it's not a mutation, but could be a close relative, and is generally low quality. Well, there's nothing low quality about this.

Martedi (from a range named after the days of the week) is juicy and sweet-fruited with softly spicy cherry and black fruit notes, ripe tannins and a fresh, earthy finish. All in all, delightfully drinkable and full of interest. All the wines come from 3.6 hectares, organically and biodynamically farmed in Cilento, and the winemaking is appropriately hands-off: four days' maceration, free-run juice and very little sulphur. Foodwise, think of meaty, tomatoey ragùs, spaghetti with meatballs, kidneys, rabbit stew, sausages and charcuterie. 13% 

Vigneti Tardis Martedi 2018, Paestum Rosso, Campania, Italy 

£19.50, Berry Bros & Rudd


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