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WINE OF THE WEEK: Cap Royal Bordeaux Supérieur 2016, France

£8 (on offer), Tesco

I'm posting this week's wine three days ahead of schedule because it seems a lot more useful to highlight it when there's still time to buy it for Christmas, rather than leave it until Boxing Day (when some people will be more focused on Alka Seltzer than wine anyway).

It's made with some input from the technical director of Château Pichon Baron and is the kind of red that gives everyday Bordeaux (aka claret) a good name. The fruit is nicely rounded and fresh (echoes of black fruit and raspberry) without being overworked and ageing in oak barrels has filled out the texture and given a gentle toasty vanilla flavour. Even at the full price of £10 (to which it reverts in the new year), it's good value. Vegan. 13.5%

Cap Royal Bordeaux Supérieur 2016, France

£8, down from £10, until 1 January 2020, Tesco

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