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WINE OF THE WEEK: Chateau Musar 2003, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

£27.99 (£24.99 in a 6-bottle mix), Majestic; £27.99, Waitrose

Chateau Musar

I'm as guilty as anyone of being seduced by new and unusual wines, overlooking old favourites in the process, especially when the new wines come with heart-warming back stories. So it was good to be reminded recently why I fell in love with Musar way back: the 2003 stood out like a beacon in a tasting of wines from all corners of the world. As it happens, of course, Chateau Musar came along with a very human story behind it, and one that continues. It was a timely reminder, too, of how good a Christmas wine it is. Never mind that it makes a perfect present, it's an ideal red for turkey or goose and their avalanche of side dishes, as well as for beef, venison and other red meat, and for massed ranks of chestnut, vegetable and vegetarian dishes. It's a Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault and Carignan blend that combines velvety warmth and exotic spice with generous fruit, gamey wildness and chocolaty, leathery sweetness. There's nothing quite like it. 14%.

Chateau Musar 2003, Bekaa Valley, Lebanon

£24.99 in any 6-bottle mix, or £27.99 single bottle, Majestic; £27.99, Waitrose

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