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WINE OF THE WEEK: Gayda Syrah 2015, Pays D'Oc, France

£9.99–£10.15, Cambridge Wine Merchants, Haynes, Hanson & Clark

Gayda Syrah

Wines made from Syrah aren’t always light on their feet and they’re not the sort of red you’d immediately think of if you were looking for a red to go with fish, but Domaine Gayda’s 2015 Syrah from Languedoc is made in a cool, contemporary style with racy, pure, black cherry fruit and the trademark peppery spice that Syrah has in the northern Rhône. What it doesn’t have, because it’s designed to be drunk young, are the muscular, chewy tannins and rough edges that young Syrah destined for the cellar can have. If you want to drink it with fish, it’s good with Mediterranean-style dishes with black olives, or recipes that include some smoked paprika or, if you eat meat, some bacon or prosciutto. Otherwise, it’s very versatile. It doesn’t want to be swamped by massively rich or concentrated red meat dishes, but it’ll happily take on a simple steak.

Gayda Syrah Pays D'Oc, Languedoc, France

Cambridge Wine Merchants, £9.99; £10.15 Haynes, Hanson & Clark. Both merchants offer tempting case discounts

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