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WINE OF THE WEEK: Domaine Trilles Incantation 2015, Côtes du Roussillon, France

£14.95, Joie de Vin

Domaine Trilles

A bewitchingly generous, rich red from the southern reaches of France, not far from the border with Spain and close to a spot where witches were said to brew their potions: hence the name Incantation (and my inability to resist the opening pun). Apart from being dark enough to be a witches’ brew, there is no other comparison. Incantation, a Syrah-based blend with Grenache, Mourvèdre and a smidgen of Carignan, is brimful of violet, raspberry, black fruit and fresh black pepper flavours underpinned by meltingly soft tannins. It walks through powerful food, including offal, but it’s also a winner with pork, flavoursome hams and caramelised roast vegetables. It’s ready to drink, but you could put it away in a cellar for a few years and drink some of Joie de Vin’s other French wines in the meantime: the Roussillon, Languedoc and Loire ranges are particularly strong.

Domaine Trilles Incantation Côtes du Roussillon 2015, Roussillon, France

£14.95, Joie de Vin,

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