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WINE OF THE WEEK: Ramón Bilbao Edición Limitada Lías Verdejo 2017, Rueda, Spain

£15.50–£15.95, Great Western Wine, NY Wines

I'm not a notably seasonal drinker – it's more of a case of whatever I feel like whenever – but I do think this white Rueda resonates especially well at this time of year, when it's certainly not summer, but by no means winter either (or perhaps I'm just finding excuses because I like the wine so much). The Verdejo grape's natural citrus, pear, bay leaf, delicate almond nuttiness and freshness have been cosseted by ageing the wine on its lees (lías) and stirring weekly (bâtonnage) for eight months in French and Hungarian oak. There's no overt oak flavour, just extra depth and creaminess that melts slowly into a lingering, fresh finish.

It's a white that works as an aperitif, which you could then take on to risotto or pasta and/or fish (whole baked, fried or a creamy fish pie), a lemony roast chicken or chicken roasted with crème fraiche and herbs. 13%. If you fancy a red partner for it, I recommended the Rioja Edición Limitada

Ramón Bilbao Edición Limitada Lías Verdejo 2017, Rueda, Spain 

£15.50, Great Western Wine; £15.95, NY Wines, £13.55, Exel Wines; £17, The Wine Store (Cornwall)


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