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WINE OF THE WEEK: Les Nivières Saumur 2017, Saumur, France

£7.49 on offer, Waitrose

A red wine that's all about blackcurrant and currant-leaf fruit and freshness and soft-textured graphitey mineral flavours – textbook Loire Cabernet Franc, in fact, and an alternative to all the heavyweight reds that get trotted out in winter. It goes well with grilled/pan-fried lamb, especially flavoured with rosemary or thyme, with cold meats, tuna steaks and goats' cheeses and is best served on the cool side, but not chilled right down except in hot weather.

The 20% price reduction starts tomorrow, January 3, so hold back today if you don't want to pay £9.49, although I happily recommend it at the full price too.

Les Nivières Saumur 2017, Saumur, Loire Valley, France

£7.49 from 3–21 January, down from £9.49, Waitrose and


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