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Lightly Does It: Reducing Bottle Weights and Alternatives to Glass

A Costières de Nîmes weighing in at under 420g, which is the average figure that a group of international retailers, including Sweden's Systembolaget monopoly, has pledged to reach by 2026 for wines it sells in 75cl glass bottles

I was prompted to write this by questions from my family. One of them quizzed me about what I was going to do with all the information, as I weighed yet another empty wine bottle and typed the result into my laptop. The other – a regular wine drinker, mid-40s, high-powered job – choosing wines for Christmas from my Festive Wine Guides, asked: “What is all this about bottle weights on your website?”

Assuming everyone knew, I had never bothered to say. One day I just started putting weights at the end of tasting notes. Now, at last, I’m going to explain and then list all the weights I’ve recorded. It’s quite possible that the list is of no interest to anyone, but it’s also possible that someone somewhere will want to know the weight of a particular bottle or to compare a few. They're in ascending order of weight – from hero bottles to horrors.

The list only represents a tiny percentage of the wines I taste. I rarely know the bottle weights when I’ve tasted at an event, although The Wine Society and Waitrose are, commendably, now giving weights in their press tasting lists. Samples, especially for Zoom tastings, are quite often mini-bottles. Sometimes I give bottles to friends/family/neighbours to finish (rather than waste perfectly good wine). Too often I have simply forgotten to do the weighing.

Glass furnaces run all day and all night 365 days a year at 1,500ºC

So why do I weigh bottles? Because the single largest contributor to wine’s carbon footprint is the glass bottles, above all by their manufacture (glass furnaces run 24 hours a day 365 days a year at around 1,500ºC) and their transport (often empty), but things such as recycling and disposal also contribute.

Estimates put the figure at between 30% and 68% of wine’s total carbon footprint. And the US imports most of its bottles (empty) from China because so many of its manufacturers have gone out of business.

If the situation is to change, we need to draw attention to it. Publishing bottle weights is one small way of adding to the noise – and the more people who do it the bigger the noise will be.

I say ‘we’ but the person who has done most to draw attention to, and focus minds on, the problem is Jancis Robinson. The facts in this blog mostly come from a Circle of Wine Writer’s zoom hosted by Jancis earlier this month, supplemented by articles on

Some elephantine still-wine bottles weigh nearly a kilo empty

Before we look at possible solutions (lighter bottles, alternative materials, recycled glass, refillable bottles, lower-carbon furnaces), it’s important to note a significant and encouraging recent development.

Last October a group of nine international wine retailers committed to reducing their average 75cl bottle weight to below 420g by 2026. That’s from a current average of around 550g, with some monstrous still-wine bottles weighing in at nearly a kilo (see the list below).

Sparkling wines have to be stronger and heavier to withstand the pressure within, but even here there’s been progress. The French manufacturer Verallia, which reduced Champagne bottles from 900g to 835g a decade ago, has now shaved off another 35g. De Telmont will release its first Champagne (its organic Réserve de la Terre) in the 800g bottle in 2026 and then switch other cuvées over progressively.   

If they are well designed, lighter bottles are not more breakable

Going back to the October agreement: it’s for an average reduction, which does mean that the retailers could still have some of their wines in heavyweight bottles, but, even so, it’s a key step forward.

Those signed up are Whole Foods Market, Naked Wines USA, Naked Wines UK, Laithwaites, Lidl GB, The Wine Society, Virgin Wines, Waitrose and the Swedish monopoly Systembolaget.

If you’re wondering why any producers and retailers would choose to put their wines in bottles that are more expensive to buy and to transport in the first place, it’s because they believe consumers link bottle-weight with wine quality. But research has shown that consumer decisions are driven more by price, personal recommendation and familiarity with a name.

In that case, why wouldn’t producers who wish to continue to use glass bottles switch to lighter ones, especially as they should also be cheaper?

There are a few reasons. One is that they think lighter bottles are more breakable, but they aren’t, provided they’re designed with a careful eye on stress points and creating a low centre of gravity. One UK bottler has been using 330g bottles for a decade, including on lines filling up to 400 a minute, and there hasn’t been a notable rise in breakages.

Producers can make significant savings by switching to lightweight bottles

Another reason is that changing bottle(s) can involve costs, because bottling lines usually need to be adapted. But that should be a one-off cost.

If the driver for change for wine producers is reducing their carbon footprint (big names include Jackson Family Estates and Bonterra in California, Craggy Range in New Zealand and Cramele Recas in Romania), there are also significant cost benefits. Jason Hass of Tablas Creek, Napa Valley, has saved $2.2m in 14 years. Craggy Range has also made significant savings.

Another simple reason for producers not switching to lighter glass bottles is lack of availability. Everyone needs to put pressure on the manufacturers to produce more of them. This may mean wine producers and organisations getting round the table to agree on a bottle weight and design to make it worth the manufacturers making the investment, although Philip Cox was able to do it single handedly, as co-owner of Romania's largest exporting winery. His 349g bottle is the lightest in the list below.

What about recycling?

The goal is for more recycled glass to be used in bottle manufacture, but it’s dependent on recycling rates and the process itself, especially the sorting by colour, is slow and expensive. In the US, the recycling rate is low, it's a bit better in England, better again in most western European countries, and high in Scandinavia.

Does wine need to be in glass bottles at all?

The vast majority of wine doesn’t need to be in glass because it isn’t intended to be aged and is drunk within days, if not hours, of being bought.

What, then, are the alternatives to glass?


Advantages: inert, lightweight, portable, the potential for eye-catching creative design (following in the footsteps of beer), affordable (because with few exceptions they’re small), requiring no special equipment to open them and, not least, pretty well infinitely recyclable.

Disadvantages: in a word, bauxite. It has to be mined and mining isn’t good for the environment. And turning the bauxite into aluminium uses a lot of energy.

Bag in box

Advantages: sustainable, convenient (they can be transported flat-packed before filling) and recyclable with a carbon footprint up to 10 times lower than glass bottles. The plastic taps have been an issue for recycling but the UK’s BIB Wine, for example, offers a freepost scheme for the return of the bags and taps. A technique that uses pyrolysis breaks them down into feedstock products used to make new products.

‘Paper’ bottles (with screw cap)

The Frugal Bottle, made by UK sustainable packaging company Frugalpac, is made up of a 94% paperboard outer, a plastic (polylaminate) liner and plastic neck, has a screw cap and weighs just 83g.

Advantages: a carbon footprint up to 84% lower than for a 75cl glass bottle and more than a third lower than for a 64g bottle made from 100% recycled plastic; it uses only 15g of plastic, 77% less than that of a 64g recycled plastic bottle; and is recyclable.

Flat recycled PET bottles (with screw cap)

The PET used is made from POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic collected from coastal areas at risk of pollution) and the bottle is 40% spatially smaller than a glass bottle. Advantages: lightweight (63g) and space-saving (the most widely used pallet takes 1,000 of these compared to 672 standard 75cl glass bottles – even fewer if they’re wide-shouldered heavyweights); infinitely recyclable with a much lower carbon footprint than recycling glass; unbreakable.

Disadvantages: potentially, appearance. Banrock Station’s sales have not suffered from the introduction of flat PET bottles, but LVMH’s Château Galoupet Nomade Côtes de Provence 2021 was dropped after one vintage because of consumer resistance to the packaging.

Recycled glass

LVMH's Château Galoupet Cru Classé Provence Rosé was launched in 2022 in a 499g amber glass bottle (lightweight compared to the Provence average) made from 70–80% recycled glass. It has a wax top made from 85% natural vegetable wax.

Advantages: releases less CO2 than manufacturing new bottles, doesn’t use sand, which is in short supply globally, and as a bonus the coloured glass protects the wine from lightstrike.

Disadvantages: recycling glass is slow and expensive, especially sorting it by colour; impurities in recycled glass can weaken the bottles; countries’ recycling rates vary (see above).

Returnable refillable bottles

An appealing idea that is complicated to set up in terms of collection points and bottle washing, and bottles that are going to be reused need to be heavier. It has been trialled on a small scale by UK supermarkets Tesco and Waitrose and by London’s Sustainable Wine Solutions through its retail arm Borough Wines. One region that has mastered it is Styria in Austria. The refillable 499g Styria bottle (Steiermarkflasche) launched at the end of 2011 is used by more than 300 wineries. There are 430 collection points (in SPAR supermarkets and other partners in the scheme) and, according to Styria’s State Councillor for Sustainability, it saves around 6000 tonnes of CO2 and 96% in energy consumption annually.

So, to conclude: there is progress, but more needs to be done more quickly by more wine producers and retailers and by glass manufacturers.

Heroes to horrors – empty 75cl bottle weights in ascending order

349g Cramele Recas Sorcova Pinot Noir 2020, Romania

367g Querciabella Ardalico Chianti Classico 2020

371g Forza della Nature Orange Catarratto 2021, Terre Sic

374g Tedeschi Capitel Tenda Soave Classico 2021

375g Brigaldara Casa Vecie Valpolicella Superiore 2020 

375g Wakefield Promised Land Shiraz 2019

377g Waitrose Loved & Found Roero Arneis

378g Fiorano I Paoli Marche Sangiovese 2022

380g Piccodoro Fiano, Terre Siciliana

383g Giesen Sauvignon Dillons Point 2021, Marlborough 

384g Waitrose Loved & Found Lacrima 2021, Le Marche

391g Maruxa Godello 2020, Valdeorras

391g Wakefield Promised Land Pinot Grigio 2022

392g Cune Mencia 2022, Valdeorras

394g Senorio di Sarria Viñedo Cinco Garnacha Rosado 2021

394g Waitrose Blueprint White Burgundy 2020

395g Domaine Garrigue Grande 2020, Coteaux Cabrerisse

396g Domaine de Mourchon Loubié, Séguret 2022

396g Pattingham Vineyard Nurton Brook Solaris 2021, England 

398g Golpe Douro (branco) 2021 

398g La Font des Garrigues 2020, Costières de Nimes

398g Tesco Finest Peumo Carmenère 2020, Valle del Cachapoal

398g Tesco Viñas del Rey Albariño 2020

398g Viñalba Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2019

400g Beronia Rioja Reserva 2018 

400g Tesco Finest Valle de Leyda Chardonnay 2019

400g Zorzal Garnacha Rosado 2020, Navarra

402g Olivier Coste Mourvèdre Illégal 2020, Pays d’Oc

403g Waitrose Loved & Found Treixadura 2021, Ribeiro

403g Le Cros Lo Sang del Pais Marcillac, 2018  

404g El Garbi Tinto 2021, Terra Alta

404g Petite Immortelle rouge 2018, Côtes du Roussillon

405g El Garbi Tinto 2021, Terra Alta

405g Dry Karp Riesling 2021, Mosel

405g Sao Luiz Organic Douro 2021

405g Thymiopoulos Atma Xinomavro 2020, Macedonia

406g Domaine de Chevilly Quincy 2022

406g La Font de Garrigues 2021, Costières de Nimes

406g La Font de Garrigues 2021, Costières de Nimes (second bottle)

406g Susana Balbo Signature Malbec 2019, Valle de Uco

407g Mancura Guardián Carignan Reserva 2020, Valle delle Maule 

408g Viña Sol Sauvignon Blanc 2022, Spain 

409g Taste the Difference Coteaux du Giennois 2020

409g Banfi Chianti Classico 2020

409g Domaine de l’Ile Porquerolles Côtes de Provence Rosé 2022

409g Knightor Pinot Noir Rosé 2022, England

409g Morandé Terrarum Semillon 2022, Maule Valley

410g Finca Navahermosa Sol Verdejo 2022

410g Saint Mont Un Pas de Côté

410g Soalheira Alvarinho 2020, Vinho Verde Monçâo 

410g Voyage au Sud Vermentino 2021, Pays d'Oc

411g Saint Mont Grande Cuvee Tradition 2020 (blanc)

411g Santa Tresa Rina Russa Frappato 2022 

412g Beronia Rioja Crianza 2019 

412g Finca Constancia Entre Lunas Organic Tempranillo VdlT Castilla 2018

412g La Gravilière Laudun Côtes du Rhône Villages 2022, Laurent Brotte

412g Morandé Mancura Guardián Reserva Carignan 2018, Valle del Maule 

412g Muga Rioja Rosé 2019

412g Vicchiomaggio Petri Chianti Classico Riserva 1999

413g Finca Navahermosa Sol Tempranillo 2022

413g Gentle Riot M Squared Merlot Malbec, Vin de France

413g The Society’s Côtes du Rhône 2019 (Domaine Jaume)

414g Karl H Johner Pinot Noir Enselberg 2018, Baden

414g Knightor Pinot Noir rosé 2021, England

414g Musar Jeune 2019

415g Pattes Noires Merlot 2019, Côtes du Céressou

415g L’Arène des Anges Costières de Nîmes (rouge) 2021 

415g La Font des Garrigues 2021, Costières de Nîmes (Pierre Vidal) 

415g La Vieille Ferme 2021 (rouge), France

415g Saint-Roch Sélections Parcellaires 2021, Côtes du Roussillon

416g Famille Lafage Saint-Roch Sélections Parcellaires 2021, Côtes de Roussillon 

416g La Vieille Ferme 2021 (red), France

417g Bouissel Fronton 2016

417g Ken Forrester Misfits Cinsault 2021, Western Cape

417g Lyme Bay Winery Pinot Noir Rosé Reserve 2022, Englands

418g Waitrose Loved & Found Caladoc 2021, Pays d'Oc 

418g Domaine de Mourchon la Source Blanc 2020

418g Seifried North South Sauvignon Blanc, Neslson 

419g Calmel & Joseph Pomone Vin Orange 2022, Vin de France

419g La Combe Saint-Paul Rolle 2022, Pays d’Oc

419g Saddle Goose Skin Contact Bacchus 2020, England

420g Yering Station The Elms Chardonnay 2021, Yarra Valley 

420g Coquille de Mer Vermentino 2022,

420g Dauvergne Ranvier Costières de Nimes 2022

420g Summer Road Old Vine Grenache 2021, Riverland

420g Yalumba The Y Series Viognier 2021, South Australia

421g Altano Rewilding 2020, Douro 

421g Beronia Rioja Vino Ecológico 2020

421g Domaine de Mourchon La Source 2022, Côtes du Rhône (blanc)

421g J-L Colombo Pins Couchés Rosé 2021

421g Triade Puglia Rosso 2019

421g Vasse Felix Classic Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2021

421g Yalumba Gen Organic Shiraz 2022, South Australia 

422g Plaimont Moonseng 2020, Côtes de Gascogne

423g Assyrtiko Filos Estate Assyrtiko, Single Vineyard Aspri Petra 2021, Florina

423g Emrich-Schonleber Lenz Riesling 2015, Nahe

423g Yealands Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2022, Marlborough

424g Seresin Leah Pinot Noir 2016  

424g Albert Road Pinot Noir by Savage & Louw 2021, Western Cape

424g Polkura Random 2017, Colchagua Valley

425g Yering Station The Elms Pinot Noir 2021, Yarra Valley

425g Astrolabe Waitrose No.1 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 2022, Awatere, Marlborough

425g Avondale Jonty’s Ducks Pekin Red 2017, Paarl

425g Barón de Barbón Rioja 2020

425g Framingham Nobody’s Hero Pinot Noir 2020, Marlborough 

425g Porcupine Ridge Shiraz 2021, Swartland

425g Seifried Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Nelson

425g The Dot Grüner Veltliner 2020

426g J Opi Malbec 2022, Mendoza

426g Selle e Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva 2016

427g Adnams Grüner Veltliner 2019, Kamptal

427g Tesco Claret Des Tourelles 2020,

428g Cécile Dardanelle Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau 2023

428g Château Villepeyroux 2021, Minervois (Gérard Bertrand)

428g Spoke Awatere Sauvignon Blanc 2023, Marlborough

430g Catena Chardonnay 2020, Mendoza

430g Graffigna Genuine Collecn Reserva Malbec 2019

431g Château Paquette Cotes de Provence Rosé 2022

432g Domaine Chevallier Bernard Roussette de Savoie 2021

432g Gable & Grace Shiraz Malbec 2021, Western Cape

432g Joseph Mellot Sancerre La Gravière 2020

433g Rustenberg Wild Ferment Unwooded Chardonnay 2022 

433g Mainente Soave Vigna Cengelle 2022

438g Bodegas Arloren Spirit of the Monastrell Jumilla 2020

446g Babylonstoren Mourvèdre Rosé 2023, Simonsberg

446g The Blind Spot King Valley Garganega 2021,

446g The Blind Spot Yarra Vall Pinot Meunier 2021

447g Palacio de Primavera Rioja Tinto 2019

449g Chevallier-Bernard Jongieux Mondeuse 2019

450g Lyme Bay Winery Pinot Noir Rosé 2022, England

450g The Blind Spot Grampians Syrah 2021

451g Pasotismo Moristel 76 2021, Somontano 

452g Borgo Paglianetto Petrara Verdicchio di Matelica 2019

452g Pasotismo (tinto) 2020, Somontano

453g Serena Cordero Pinot Grigio 2021, Moldova

455g Pasotismo Blanco 2021, Somontano 

456g Ramon Bilbao Rioja Rosado 2022 

458g Warwick Chardonnay 2020, Stellenbo

458g Casa do Capitão-mor Alvarinho 2017, VInho Verde Monçāo e Melgaço

458g Creuze Noire Mâcon-Fuissé Les Chataigniers 2020

458g Ramón Bilbao Edition Limitada 2018

459g Nivières Saumur 2019

460g Adnams Chenin Blanc 2020, Stellenbosch

460g Angeline Vineyards Pinot Noir 2018, Russian River

460g Creuze Noire Coteaux Bourguignons 2019

460g Donato d’Angelo Aglianico del Vulture 2018

460g Tedeschi Capitel San Rocco Valpolicella Ripasso 2019

461g Juan Gil Jumilla Muscat 2020

465g Bruce Jack Sauvignon Blanc 2020

466g Knightor Trevannion 2022, England

466g Tesco Finest Stellenbosch Chenin Blanc 2022

467g Journey’s End Velvet Bee 2021, Coastal Region

467g The Search Grenache Blanc Marsanne & Roussanne 2021, Voor Paardeberg

468g Bruce Jack Shiraz Malbec 2020

468g Journey’s End Spekboom Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Coastal Region

468g Waitrose Blueprint Pinot Noir 2020, Romania

469g Waitrose Loved & Found Frappato 2021, Terre Siciliane

470g Knightor Trevannion 2021, England 

472g Chemin des Olivettes Coteaux du Languedoc 2021, La Cave Roquebrun

472g La-Vis Nosiola 2022, Vigneti delle Dolomiti

472g Torres Celeste Verdejo 2019, Rueda

473g Kleine Zalze Shiraz Mourvèdre Viognier 2020, Western Cape

474g Vergelegen Millrace Sauvignon Blanc 2022, Stellenbosch

474g Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona Toscana 2020

474g Vergelegen Sauvignon Blanc 2020

475g Dugladze Ranina Kakhuri, Rkatsiteli 2018, Kakheti

475g Textura da Estrela 2018, Dao (white)

476g M&S Found Agiorgitiko 2021, Peloponnese

480g Quinta da Fonte Souto Rosé 2021, Alto Alentejo

480g Cadence Bel Canto 2017, Cara Mia Vineyard, Red Mountain

480g Cadence Coda 2018, Red Mountain

480g The Society's Exhibition Assyrtiko 2020, Santorini

481g Little Giant Barossa Shiraz 2020

481g Frescobaldi Perano Chianti Classico 2018

482g Domaine Jaume Côtes du Rhône 2019

483g The Society’s MuscadetSèvre-et-Maine sur Lie

485g Grosgrain Albariño 2021, Philips Vineyard, Walla Walla

493g Le Blanc Sec de Suduiraut 2020,

495g Leonor Palo Cortado, Jerez

497g Les Dauphins Côtes du Rhone Villages 2020

497g M&S Classics No 37 Barossa Shiraz 2020

498g Corimbo I 2016, Ribera del Duero 

499g Chateau des Demoiselles 2022, Cotes de Provence (rosé)

499g Galoupet Cru Classé de Provence Rosé (70% recycled amber glass bottle)

500g Château Vincens Prestige Cahors 2020

501g (50cl) Vin de Constance 2020, Constantia

501g Koehler-Ruprecht Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Spätlese Trocken 2001

502g Santa Rosa White Malbec 2022, Mendoza

503g Cono Sur Reserva Especial Riesling 2021, Bío Bío

503g (50cl) Vin de Constance 2017

504g G. Stepp Pinot Noir Sandstein 2019, Pfalz 

504g Château de Corneilla Héritage Côtes du Roussillon 2018 

506g Disznoko Dry Furmint 2020

506g Ramon Bilbao Rioja crianza 2018

507g Ramón Bilbao Rioja Rosado 2021

509g Nyulaszo Dry Furmint 2018, Tokaji

509g Rebelión Malbec 2018, Mendoza

510g Trivento Reserve Malbec 2021, Mendoza

510g Ramón Bilbao Rioja Crianza 2018

510g Selle e Mosca La Cala Vermentino di Sardegna 2021

512g Disznoko Inspiration 2018

513g Calmel & Joseph Pinot Noir Prestige 2019, Pays d'Oc 

513g Colpasso Appassimento Nero d’Avola 2020, Terre Siciliane

513g Disznoko Tokaji Dry Furmint 2021

513g Domaine l’Ancienne Cure Jour de Fruit Bergerac Sec 2022

514g Wynns Coonawarra Estate Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon 1998

515g Dom de Mourchon Soubois Blanc 2022, Côtes du Rhône Villages Séguret

515g Preciso Primitivo 2021, Puglia

516g Pajzos Tokaji 2019

517g Secret de Léoube 2021, Côtes de Provence

518g Château Léoube 2021, Côtes de Provence

519g Château Tour Chapoux 2020, Bordeaux 

519g Maximin Grünhauser Abtsberg Riesling Kabinett 1992  

519g Trivento Private Reserve Malbec 2021, Mendoza

519g Chateau Courbin Héritage 2022, Graves Blanc

519g Dom de Mourchon Soubois Rosé 2022, Côtes du Rhône Villages Séguret

519g Duca di Saragnano Toscana Bianco Sangiovese 2021

524g Château de Cérons 2020, Graves (blanc)

525g Casa Ermelinda Freitas Vinha do Fava Touriga Nacional 2021, VR Península de Setúbal 

525g Pewsey Vale Riesling 2020, Eden Valley

526g La Scelta di Sofia Sangiovese Bianco 2020, Toscana

527g Yalumba Mesh Eden Valley Riesling 2021

528g Enate Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2020, Somontano

529g Torcilacqua Chianti Classico 2018

530g Château Sainte Eulalie Buona Pulcella Minervois 2021

531g Jip Jip Rocks Shiraz 2020, Padthaway 

531g Donnafugata Cerasuolo di Vittoria 2018

531g Pierre Jaurant Saint-Chinian 2020

531g The Hidden Sea of Australia Shiraz  

532g Viñedos El Pacto Rioja blanco 2020

532g Whistler Dry As A Bone Rosé 2021, Barossa Valley

533g Vasse Felix Cabernet Merlot 2019, Margaret River

533g Waitrose Samos Vin Doux 

535g Wynns Coonawarra Shiraz 2020

536g 14/27 Agiorgitiko 2019, Nemea

536g Nero Oro Grillo Sicilia Appassimento 2022

538g Mar de Frades Albariño Atlantico 2021, Rías Baixas

539g Yalumba Samuel’s Collection Eden Valley Viognier 2017

541g Villemarin Picpoul de Pinet 2022 

542g Arbousset Lirac rouge 2020

542g Hollick Coonawarra Old Vines Cabernet Sauvignon 2019

542g La Despensa Cold Shower Mission Impaissible 2019, Colchagua Valley

542g Ormarine Picpoul de Pinet 2022

542g Teliani Glekhuri Kisiskhevi Saperavi Qvevri 2021

543g Achaval Ferrer Malbec 2020, Mendoza 

543g Domaine Valéry Renaudat Quincy 2019

543g Nautilus Chardonnay 2019, Marlborough

544g Domaines Lupier El Terroir 2015 (Garnacha Old Vines), Navarra

545g Cumulus Climbing Shiraz 201, Orange

545g Kalfu Sumpai Sauvignon 2020, Huasco, Atacama Desert

546g La Raison du Château des Fougères Graves 2012

547g Running With Bulls Tempranillo 2020, South Australia

547g El Pacto Rioja tinto 2019

547g Flint Vineyard Pinot Noir Précoce 2022, England

547g Running With Bulls Tempranillo 2020, South Australia

548g Chateau Agassac Haut-Médoc 1999

548g Contino Rioja Reserva 2018

548g Flint Vineyard Bacchus Fumé 2022, England

549g Arbousset Julie Rouffignac Tavel 2021

549g Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay 2021, Margaret River 

550g Yalumba Samuel’s Collection Barossa Bush Vine Grenache 2020 

550g Áster Ribera del Duero Crianza 2020

550g Yalumba Samuel’s Collection Barossa GSM 2018

551g Flint Vineyard Bacchus 2022, England

551g Gini Soave Classico 2020

551g La Rioja Alta Viña Arana Rioja Reserva 2009

551g Roseline Prestige 2022, Côtes de Provence

552g Along Came Jones 'Difference' Grenache Noir Carignan 2017, Vin de France

552g Domaine de Mourchon Séguret Tradition 2021 

553 Zagalos Reserva 2017, Quinta do Mouro, VR Alentejano 

553g Zefeirakis Malagousia 2021 

553g Fief Guérin Muscadet Côtes de Grand Lieu Sur Lie 2021

553g McPherson Don’t Tell Gary Shiraz 2019, Victoria

554g Denis Jamain Reuilly Les Chatillons Pinot Gris (rosé) 2020

554g Arbouse Massif d’Uchaux Côtes du Rhone-Villages 2016, La Cave les Coteaux du Rhône

554g Château Peyrabon 2000, Haut-Médoc

554g Finca Moncloa 2017, Vino de la Tierra de Cádiz

554g St Johns LSD 2016

554g The Society’s Albariño 2015, Rías Baixas (Pazo de Señorans)

555g Domaine Bousquet Gaia Organic Malbec 2019 

556g Mathilde de Favray Pouilly Fumé 2022

557g Domaine Vavril Côte de Brouilly Cuvée de l’Héronde 2022

558g Santa Tresa Insieme Orange 2022, Terre Siciliane

559g Col de La Serre 2020 Saint-Chinian, La Cave Roquebrun

559g Denis Jamain Reuilly Pinot Noir 2022

560g Château de France Pessac-Léognan 2012 (blanc)

560g Plaimont Madiran Plénitude 2005 

560g Vergelegen Millrace Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2019, Stellenbosch 

561g Domaine du Tremblay Vieilles Vignes Quincy 2020

561g Nautilus Southern Valleys Pinot Noir 2017, Marborough

561g Domaine du Granit Moulin-à-Vent 2019

562g Lyme Bay Pinot Noir 2020, England

563g Niepoort Vertente Douro 2018

563g Afoura Anhydrous Santorini 2021 

563g William Fèvre Petit Chablis 2019

564g Domaine de l’Ile Blanc 2020, Porquerolles Côtes de Provence

565g Vergelegen Fairtrade Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2020, Stellenbosch

566g Creation Wines Syrah Grenache 2020, Walker Bay

566g Chateau Bonnet Moulin-à-Vent 2019

566g Petra Hebo 2020, Toscana

567g Cune Rioja Reserva 2008

567g Guigal Côtes du Rhône rosé 2021

568g Vieux Chantecaille Saint-Emilion 2020

570g Donnafugata Sedàra, Sicilia 

570g Domaine de Fauterie Cornas 1998

570g Guigal Côtes du Rhône 2019

570g Laurent Miquel Alaina Rosé 2022, Pays d'Oc 

570g Vacheron Sancerre rouge 2019

572g Domaine des Marrans Fleurie Lieu-dit Champagne 2019

572g Les Argelières Pinot Noir 2021, Pays d’Oc 

572g Morgenhof Estate Merlot 2018, Stellenbosch

572g Petra 2018, Toscana

572g Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2019

572g Vergelegen Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot 2018

574g Château Crézancy Sancerre 2021 

574g Domaine de Rochegrès Moulin-à-Vent  2019

574g Domaine Filliatreau Saumur-Champigny 2020

574g Petra Potenti 2019, Toscana

574g Petra Querciagobbe 2019, Toscana

574g Vacheron Sancerre blanc 2020

575g Ixsir Altitudes Blanc 2022, Lebanon

576g Pattingham Vineyard Rudge Heath Divico 2021, England

578g Cave d’Esclans Whispering Angel 2021, Côtes de Provence

578g Pierre Graffeuille et Matthieu Dumarcher, Vin de France 2021 (Graves de Médoc et terraces du Rhône)

580g Domaine de Colette Morgon 2019

580g Couvent des Thorins Moulin-à-Vent 2020

580g Domaine Gayda Figure Libre Freestyle rouge 2021

580g Domaine Paul Janin Moulin-à-Vent 2019

580g Joostenberg Estate Klippe Kou Syrah 2020 (organic)

580g Pattingham Vineyard Great Moor Pinot Noir Précoce 2021, England 

580g Susana Balbo Signature Barrel Fermented Torrontes 2021, Mendoza

581g Département 44 Muscadet Sèvre et MaineSur Lie 2019

581g Famille Guenguen Chablis 2020

582g Château du Moulin-a-Vent Les Vérillats 2018

582g Domaine Saint Gayan L'Oratory Sablet Côtes du Rhône Villages (blanc) 2021 

582g Frescobaldi Nipozzano Vecchie Viti 2018

583g Domaine Bousquet Cameleon Organic Malbec 2021, Tupungato 

584g Gaia Cabernet Franc 2019, Tupungato, Mendoza   

584g Mas de Daumas Gassac Blanc 2012

585g Cave Saint-Désirat Saint Joseph 2018 

587g Errazuriz Wild Ferment Pinot Noir 2021, Aconcagua

587g W/O Frappato 2020, Terre Siciliane (100% recycled glass)

590g Domaine des Aubusières Vouvray Sec 1989 (superb) 

590g Mas Belles Eaux Sainte Hélène Languedoc 2009

591g Famille Perrin Réserve du Mistral 2019, Rhô

591g Chateau du Moulin-a-Vent Champ de Cour 2018

591g Pétreo Carmenere 2020, Colchagua

592g De Martino Gallardia Cinsault 2019

592g Frescobaldi Perano Rialzi Gran Selezione 2016

592g Gaia Wines Thalassitis Santorini 2022

592g Tenuta Valle delle Perle Cerasuolo 2017

593g Domaine Gérard Thomas Saint-Aubin 1er Cru Sous Roche Dumay 2012

593g Foncalieu Terre d’Eden Rosé 2022, Languedoc

593g Penfolds Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz 2009

595g Domaine du Grand Montmirail Vacqueyras 2021

595g Villa Blanche Viognier 2019, Pays d'Oc

596g Castello di Querceto Chianti Classico Riserva 2020

596g Leyda Garuma Sauvignon Blanc 2020

596g Whispering Angel 2022, Côtes de Provence (578g in 2021),

597g Domaine Barrau Cabernet Franc 2019

597g Marea Syrah 2020, Leyda Valley

597g Tenuta di Tavignano Misco Riserva Castello di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva  2016

597g Villa Blanche Chardonnay 2017, Pays d’Oc  

598g Foncalieu Le Versant Grenache Rosé 2022

598g Morandé Gran Reserva Sauvignon Blanc, Casablanca 2021

598g Tissot Arbois Chardonnay 2018

599g Chateau Reynella Basket Pressed Shiraz 2005, McLaren Vale

599g Big Beltie Cabernet Sauvignon 2021, Pays d'Oc 

599g Domaine de L’Amandine Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages 2016

599g Warre’s 1977 Vintage Port 

600g Domaine de Mourchon Tradition Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages 2017

600g Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa Pinot Noir 2020

600g Fourni Rouge Ventoux 2022

600g Maison Louis Latour Grand Ardèche Chardonnay 2021

600g Spoke Brink Sauvignon Semillon 2022, Marlborough 

600g Ventisquero Kalfu Kuda Pinot Noir 2018, Leyda Valley

602g Masi Campofiorin 2015, Rosso del Veroneses

602g Cambria Katherine’s Vineyard Chardonnay 2019, Santa Maria Valley

602g Castello di Querceto Chianti Classico 2021

602g Caves d'Esclans Rock Angel 2021

602g Château Tour de Mirambeau Bordeaux Rosé 2021

602g Ventisquero Tara Atacama White 1 

602g Vicchiomaggio Chianti Classico Prima Riserva 1999

603g Smith Woodhouse Traditional Late Bottled Vintage Port 1984

603g Yves Cuilleron Signé Syrah Viognier, Rhodaniennes 2018

604g Firriato Sabbie Etna Bianco 2019

605g Mirabeau Pure 2021, Côtes de Provence

606g Waitrose Loved & Found País 2019, Maule

607g Chateau Sainte Roseline Lampe de Medusa 2022, Côtes de Provence

607g Frescobaldi Perano Riserva 2016

610g Chateau Julia Assyrtiko 2021, Drama

611g Domaine Chavet La Côte Menetou Salon rouge 2020

612g Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir 2021, Hemel-en-Aarde Valley

613g Château d’Arche Bordeaux Blanc 2020

613g Quinta do Noval Unfiltered LBV 2004

613g Spoke Brink Sauvignon Semillon 2021 

615g Louis Latour Ardèche Viognier 2018

616g Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir 2020, Hemel-en-Aarde Valley

616g Domaine Haut Gléon Ballée du Paradis Rosé 2022 

618g Château d’Esclans Déesse Astrée 2015, Côtes de Provence

618g Chateau Petit-Village 2005, Pomerol

620g Louis Latour Ardèche Chardonnay 2020

621g Collezione di Paolo Chianti 2020

624g Clos de los Siete 2007, Mendoza

626g L’Exuberance Rosé 2021, Bordeaux 

627g Tenuta di Tavignano Misco Riserva Castello di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva  2018

629g Poggio Antico Brunello di Montalcino 2019

630g Domaine Jones Fitou 2020

630g Gérard Bertrand Orange Gold 2020, Vin de France. Organic 

633g Ramón Bilbao Limité Norte Rioja (blanco) 2017

635g Tringario Ludopata Marselan 2020, Colchagua Valley

636g Immortelle 2019, Côtes du Roussillon-Villages

638g Domaine Jones Fitou 2021

638g Lafage Miraflors Rosé 2021, Côtes Catalanes

638g Westcott Vineyards Estate Pinot Noir 2019, Niagara Escarpment

640g La-Vis Maso Franch 2017, Vigneti delle Dolomiti (vino biologico) 

642g Medici Riccardi Chianti Montalbano 2018

642g Poggio Antico Rosso di Montalcino 2022

644g Château des Adouzes Le Tigre 2020, Faugères

645g Mandrarossa Cartagho 2018, Sicilia

645g Duca di Salaparuta Suolo 3 Sauvignon Blanc 2020 

648g Teliani Unfiltered Saperavi 2020

649g Duca di Salaparuta Suòlo 5 Zibibbo 2020 

650g Piekenierskloof Grenache Noir 2021, Piekenierskloof

650g Simpsons Pinot Meunier 2020

651g Duca di Salaparuta Lavico Etna Bianco 2022

652g Troupis Winery Route Gris Moschofilero 2021, Mantinia

653g Cedro do Noval 2020 (branco), Douro

654g Harvey Nichols Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2019, Roger Sabon 

654g Mirabeau Etoile 2021, Côtes de Provence

654g Riojanda Singular Rioja 2019

654g Valdechecuas Singular Rioja 2019

655g Colline aux Fossiles Chardonnay 2020, Vin de Fra

655g Domaine Saint André Folie d’Inès 2021, Vin de Pays d’Oc

656g Cedro do Noval Douro Tinto 2020

657g Banfi La Pettegola Vermentino 2021, Toscana

659g Duca di Salaparuta Lavico Etna Bianco 2021 

660g Le Nid Moulin-à-Vent 2019

663g San Leonardo 2018, Vigneti delle Dolomiti

665g Domaine des Tieulières Montpeyroux Languedoc 2020  

668g Louis Martini Napa Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

669g Louis Latour Côte de Beaune-Villages 2019 

669g Spier 21 Gables Pinotage 2017, Stellenbosch

670g Domaine les Pallières Gigondas 2000  

672g Mandrarossa Cartagho 2014, Sicilia

672g Louis Latour Bourgogne Chanfleure Chardonnay 2020

673g Three Spirits Blurred Vines Sharp  

673g Château du Moulin-à-Vent 2020

674g Lafage Fundació 2018 Côtes du Roussillon-Villages

674g Santo Wines Santorini Assyrtiko 2022

680g Gusbourne Guinevere Chardonnay 2020, England

683g Clunia Albillo 2021, Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y Leon

684g Dom. de Mourchon Family Réserve Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages 2015

685g Gramercy Cellars Lower East Syrah 2018, Walla Walla Valley

685g Zuccardi Q Malbec 2021, Valle del Uco

686g Les Frères Couillaud La Nouvelle Lune Chardonnay 2021, Val de Loire

686g Louis Latour Bourgogne Chanfleure Pinot Noir 2020

689g Louis Latour Hautes-Cotes de Beaune 2020

689g Domaine de Mourchon Grande Réserve Séguret Côtes du Rhône Villages 2015

690g Smith & Sheth Cru Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Wairu

693g Poggio Antico Vigna i Poggi Brunello di Montalcino 2019

694g Seresin Tatou Pinot Noir 2014

696g Kutjevo Rosé 2020, Slavonia, Croatia

697g Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec 2020, Mendoza

699g Gramercy Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

699g Gramercy Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, Walla alla

700g Scala del Prior Priorat 2018

716g Bischel Gau-Algesheim Riesling Terra Fusca 2020, Rheinhessen 

718g Brigaldara Amarone Classico 2017

718g Cupiolo Pinot Grigio Rosato 2022 

720g Yalumba Barossa Shiraz Cabernet Samuel’s’ Collection 2018

724g Selladore en Provence 2021, Coteaux Varois en Provence

726g Brigaldara Amarone Cavolo 2017

730g DV Catena Cabernet Franc 2019, Mendoza

730g Brigaldara Amarone Casa Vecie

734g Kew Series by Laithwaites Blanc de Cabernet Sparkling Brut

736g  Querceto Picchio Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2018 - 

738g Sigalas Santorini Assyrtiko 2021

742g Querceto La Corte Chianti Classico Gran Selezione 2018

746g Domíni Veneti La Casetta Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore 2019 

746g Merlin La Rochelle Moulin-à-Vent 2019

748g Poggio alle Gazze Sauvignon Blanc 2020, Toscana

748g Santa Tresa Cerasuolo di Vittoria 2020

756g Tenuta Carreta Cascina Ferrero Barolo 2017 

757g Tenuta Carreta Bordino Barbaresco Riserva 2016

758g Tenuta Carreta Garassina Barbaresco 2017

760g Tenuta Carreta Cannubi Barolo 2016

761g Peter Lehmann Stonewell Shiraz 1998, Barossa Valley

762g Cabernario No. 8 Ungrafted Vines Cabernet Sauvignon 2020, Maipo 

762g Tenuta Carreta Podio Langhe Nebbiolo 2020 

763g Duca di Salaparuta Duca Enrico Nero d’Avola 2018 

763g Tenuta Carreta Bric Paradiso Roero Riserva 2017 

766g Bird in Hand Pinot Rosé 2021, Australia

766g Gérard Betrand Côtes des Roses Grenache Syrah Cinsault Rosé 2022, Languedoc

766g Selle e Mosca Marchese di Villamarina Alghero Cabernet Riserva 2016

773g Miguel Torres Manso de Velasco Viejas Viñas 2000

774g Duca di Salaparuta Bianca di Valguanera Insolia 2019

786g Niepoort Conciso Dão Tinto 2017

786g Selle e Mosca Monteoro Vermentino di Gallura 2020

788g Niepoort Conciso Dão Branco 2018

791g Etienne Sauzet Bourgogne La Tuféra 2012 

793g Klinker Brick Marisa Vineyard Old Vine Zinfandel 2020, Lodi

819g Danbury Ridge Pinot Noir 2020 

821g Danbury Ridge Chardonnay 2020, England

826g Old Road Wine Anemos Chenin Blanc 2018, Franschhoek

828g Champagne Piaff Blanc de Blancs

829g Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Pinot Noir 2019, Yarra Valley

829g Roebuck Reserve 2020, England (sparkling wine)

834g Camel Valley Rosé Pinot Noir Rosé Brut 2019, England

834g House of Townend Special Réserve Champagne 

835g Roebuck Classic Cuvée 2014, England

839g The Bernard Series Old Vine Chenin Blanc 2021, Coastal Region

839g Nyetimber Rosé Brut, England

840g Exton Park Blanc de Blancs 2014, England

844g Champagne Moët Rose Platinum Jubilee Cuvée Rosé 

844g Champagne Piaff Brut Champagne

846g Hola! Organic Cava Brut,

846g Roebuck Estate Classic Cuvée Brut 2016, England

848g Digby Leander Pink, England

849g Booths Champagne Brut NV

849g Champagne Drappier Carte d’Or 

851g Champagne Castelnau Brut

851g Champagne Palmer Grands Terroirs 2015

852g The Society’s Champagne (bought March 2018)

853g J Cuvée (trad method) California

854g Champagne Drappier 1er Cru

858g Tesco Vintage 2015 Blanc de Blancs Champagne

859g Laithwaites Founder's Reserve Theale Vineyard Blanc de Blancs 2013, England

864g Jing Jasmine Pearls (sparkling tea)

871g Wiston Rosé Brut 2018, England

886g Arras Brut Elite Cuvée No. 1301, Tasmania

891g Château de Pommard Clos Marey Monge 2018

900g Flint Vineyard Charmat Rosé 2022, England

903g Champagne Bollinger PN TX17

905g Château d’Esclans Déesse 2012, Côtes de Provence

943g Champagne Bruno Paillard N.P.U. 2003

958g Château de Marsannay, Marsannay Les Favieres 2017

975g Château d'Esclans Les Clans 2021, Côtes de Provence

978g Chateau d’Esclans 2021, Côtes de Provence

979g Château d’Esclans Garrus 2021, Côtes de Provence 

980g Château d’Esclans Garrus 2019, Côtes de Provence

987g Château d’Esclans Les Clans 2014, Côtes de Provence

Photograph by Joanna Simon

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