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Ice Creams: Coffee Ice Cream

The accepted wisdom with coffee ice cream is that you should either use instant coffee or strain out the fresh grounds, but I like coffee flavours strong, so I leave the coffee in. I don’t find the texture of the grounds remotely obtrusive and the speckly appearance is more enticing than monotone beige. It’s your choice – but, just to let you know, I haven’t had any complaints. Or leftovers. The amount of coffee depends on the type and strength, so I’ve given an average below; whatever you do, don’t be tempted by a quality lower than you would drink.

Serves 6

500ml whipping cream (or half double cream and half full-fat milk)

5 egg yolks

100g caster sugar

1 tbsp good quality fresh ground coffee

Follow the basic method for the bay leaf ice cream, but leave the coffee grounds in if you want a strong coffee taste and a speckly appearance. Strain the mixture before freezing if you don’t.

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