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WINE OF THE WEEK: Journey's End Spekboom Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Coastal Region, South Africa

£10, Sainsbury's

A delicious Sauvignon Blanc with the signature flavours of gooseberry, dewy grass, elderflower and textured, lime-zest acidity all blown in on a refreshing, airy breeze. If you find some Sauvignons too aggressively punchy, green or mineral, this is a balletic alternative.

It's a good option, too, if you've found supplies of your favourite New Zealand Sauvignon have dried up, or been priced up, on the back of the 2021 harvest shortfall there.

The name comes from the Spekboom trees that the Gabb family have planted on their Journey's End estate in the foothills of the Hottentot Mountains, where cooling mists roll in straight off False Bay.

Also known as elephant bush, Spekboom is important – critical, in fact – because it absorbs more CO2 from the atmosphere than most other plants. Planting it is part of the Gabb family's admirable and tireless efforts to produce their wines sustainably and ethically.

The 2021 Spekboom Sauvignon makes a perfect aperitif, but also goes well with summer veg and salads (including Thai), goat's cheese and hard/semi-hard cheeses (especially sheep's) and all sorts of fish and seafood, including sushi and ceviche. 13%. Bottle weight: 467g

Journey's End Spekboom Sauvignon Blanc 2021, Coastal Region, Western Cape, South Africa


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