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WINE OF THE WEEK: Sancerre Rouge Les Champs Clos 2015, France

£13, Sainsbury's

Sancerre Rouge

Sancerre Rouge is the archetypal summer red wine – not that that should stop you drinking it at any other time, but it’s Pinot Noir at its most refreshing and elegant. This one, made at La Cave des Vins de Sancerre, has a raspberry, strawberry and pomegranate fruit quality and oodles of gentle charm. Serve it cool, but not so heavily chilled that you silence it. It’s one of the best reds to drink with fish, especially salmon, red mullet and cod or monkfish wrapped in parma ham. It can also partner bresaola, quail or chicken and, if you like red wine as an aperitif, this would be perfect.

Sancerre Rouge Les Champs Clos 2015, Loire Valley, France

£13, Sainsbury's

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