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WINE OF THE WEEK: Jansz Premium Rosé, Tasmania, Australia

£15.80–£21.99, Frazier's Wine, Slurp, Field & Fawcett, Flagship Wines, Ocado, NY Wines, Amazon, Selfridges

I can’t think of a better or better value sparkling wine than this Tasmanian rosé to bridge the yawning gap between Champagne and Prosecco fans that menaces party hosts all year round. And I can't think of a more cheerful bottle to ward off any approaching autumn blues, or simply to celebrate the return to school or the fact that you've got through the week so far. 

It’s made from Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier in a similar cool climate to Champagne and is aged on its lees in bottle for more than two years after the second-bubble inducing fermentation. So it’s much more akin to Champagne than Prosecco, but the peach, summer red-berry and cherry-pie patisserie flavours and the roundness, freshness and gentle dryness have a crowd-pleasing charm and none of the austerity some people find in Champagne. It’s up to handling canapés, prawns and brunch, but I'd enjoy it on its own otherwise. 12%. 

Jansz Premium Rosé, Tasmania, Australia  

£15.80 Frazier's Wine Merchants; £15.95, Slurp; £17.70, Field & Fawcett; £18.99, Flagship Wines; £19.50, Ocado; £19.79, NY Wines of Cambridge; £21.50, Corks Out; £21.99, Selfridges; £58.50 for 3,


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