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WINE OF THE WEEK: Kyperounda Winery Petritis 2016, Pitsilia, Troodos Mountains, Cyprus


Kyperounda Petritis

This week’s wine comes from the highest vineyards in Europe – rocky terraces at 1,400 metres above sea level in the Pitsilia region in the Troodos Mountains. Kyperounda is also Europe’s highest winery at 1,140 metres. The views are said to be spectacular. I can’t wait to visit. In the meantime, I’m more than happy drinking the wine – excited, in fact, as I don’t come across Cyprus wines often and this is a gem: a dry white, full of citrus, pear and peach fruit, with a delicate smoky edge, rich texture, and a long, refreshing, preserved-lemon finish. It’s made from the indigenous Xynisteri grape (pronounced Sin-ees-ter-ee), harvested late because of the altitude, and a small percentage is barrel-aged, which enhances the texture and structure. You can drink it on its own, but I had it with stuffed vine leaves (recipe), roast red peppers filled with tomatoes, goats' cheese and pesto (recipe), baked aubergine and chicken with tarragon and lime mayonnaise. Next time I’ll have it with red mullet. You get the idea: it’s not only delicious but versatile.

Kyperounda Winery Petritis 2016, Pitsilia, Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

£15.40,; £84.24 for 6 bottles, Great Wine Direct; Eton Vintners and Corking WInes have the 2015, but will move to the 2016 with their next order. Novel Wines also has the 2015.

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