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WINE OF THE WEEK: The Fire Tree Vermentino 2016, Terre Siciliane, Italy

Aldi, £4.69

I'm as stunned by the price of this wine as you are. It's my cheapest Wine of the Week so far, and at a time when prices of European wines are rising inexorably in the UK thanks to the weakness of sterling. Never mind the price: feel the quality – or at least feel the value for money. We're not looking at depth and complexity here, we're looking at a refreshing, soft, dry white with a jasmine and spice perfume, and lemon peel and almond on the palate. Drink it as an aperitif, serve it at a party or by the swimming pool, take it on a picnic or to the beach and be thankful for the Vermentino grape.

Cantine Settesoli The Fire Tree Vermentino 2016, Terre Siciliane, Sicily, Italy

£4.69, Aldi

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