WINE OF THE WEEK: Amalaya Blanco de Corte Torrontés Riesling 2015, Valle Calchaquí, Argentina

£9.50, Marks & Spencer

Torrontés is to white wines in Argentina what Malbec is to reds: the signature grape variety, but the similarity ends there, as you might expect. Torrontés is one of the most aromatic of varieties, smelling of ripe peaches with a dusting of spice. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like Gewürztraminer or Viognier that’s a good start. The clever thing about Blanco de Corte is that it has a small proportion of Riesling – just enough to give a boost of zesty, fresh lime flavour and make it a really refreshing, summer-garden of a wine. The other key point is that it comes from extremely high vineyards (1800 metres above sea level), which benefit from brilliant sunshine during the day, but cool nights that slow the ripening so that the grapes retain their crisp acidity while having time to develop flavour. Chill it well and serve it as an aperitif or at parties, or drink it with southeast Asian dishes, especially seafood. It could be a good picnic wine too, depending on the menu.

Amalaya Blanco de Corte Torrontés Riesling 2015, Valle Calchaquí, Salta, Argentina

£9.50, Marks & Spencer,

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